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Below are the answers to common questions that will help you understand how to use the cryptocurrencyexchange "PioneerBit".

How to start investing in PioneerBit.com?

Follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  • Register on the service and create an account.
  • Add the desired amount to the e-wallet using any available method.
  • All is ready. With an intuitive platform, you can now buy and sell cryptocurrency.

Lists of the most profitable offers and completed trades are displayed in the user account and on the main page of the service.

What PioneerBit is?

PioneerBit is a specialized trading platform that provides users with the ability to safely buy and sell digital currencies and a variety of ways to replenish the account and withdraw funds. An additional advantage of the platform is the availability of a wide range of exchange tools. It is important to understand that the platform PioneerBit.com does not buy anything and does not sell, so it does not affect the rates of the currency pairs. Its main goal is to ensure the security and convenience of the trade and get a modest commission of 0.2% of the amount for this. Before registering on the service, we strongly recommend that you read the following basic documents:

  • User agreement (Ваша ссылка);
  • The program for combating money laundering and financing of terrorism (Ваша ссылка).

The above provisions represent the fundamental principles of the company.

How PioneerBit works?

Users transfer funds to the account, after which they can use available financial instruments to make transactions for the appropriate amount among themselves. Thus, our task is to ensure the possibility of exchanging money for the digital currency and vice versa between users. In this case, the platform pioneerbit.com does not commit any trades. Only its users perform all actions.

How safe is it to trade in PioneerBit?

Our company guarantees full security of transactions between the participants of the platform. The safety of users' money and the confidentiality of personal data is our top priority. We protect the platform from outside interference by all available methods and constantly improve the security system. However, each user should always remember that the protection of the platform does not extend to his personal computer, which may be subject to virus attacks. To ensure the security of your PC, we recommend the following procedures:

  • Keep virtual funds in e-wallets only from the official supplier (link to bitcoin.org);
  • Execute the encryption of the e-wallet of digital currency in the client application;
  • Use high-quality antivirus software;
  • Restrict access to the wallet and computer by unauthorized persons;
  • Use complex and reliable passwords for the account and the client application, which are difficult to compromise.

The user himself is responsible for the security of funds transacted from the platform to third-party sources.

The difference between terms “Exchange” and “Trade”

We make maximum efforts to provide comfortable conditions for all users working with the platform. Therefore, our company's specialists took into account the requirements not only of experienced traders, but also of those users who do not have the opportunity or the desire to learn the basics of cryptocurrency trading. Our platform provides the choice of two modes:

  • Exchange - the simplest mode that suits those who:
  • using this platform first time and does not know the different features;
  • does not want to often speculate by cryptocurrency, and wants to invest just once for a long time, because it assumes long-term growth in the price;
  • does not have the opportunity to study the platform in detail, but believes that he can predict the growth of the exchange rate and wants to make a profit on the deal.
  • Trades - the mode intended for experienced investors and traders who want to make orders using cryptocurrency. It provides additional tools for full immersion in the analysis of exchange rates and trade.

Therefore, each user will be able to choose the appropriate mode for himself so that he can reach his goals as quickly and comfortably as possible.

What time zone is used on the service?

The system works according to the standard time UTC (World Coordinated Time).